Is there a list of lua commands or at least can I do this?

So my question I guess is this, using the lua console in game entering “{}” successfully changes the weather in game(I think there is one to actually pick the weather as well but idk). Well, is there a way to change seasons in game quickly like this as well? This isn’t a “MUST” by any means, but I was wanting to make a wallpaper of my biome that has all 4 seasons in like a split, and it would be easiest to take a screenshot in game then simply change season in order to capture that exact camera angle for each one. Thanks in advance to anyone who has tips or advice :wink: Always appreciated.

It looks like the seasons operate by observing the calendar service, so you’ll have to adjust the game time to get them to change. Try something like this:


That should advance the calendar by one month (I haven’t tested it though). The call to stonehearth.seasons will force an update in case the interval event doesn’t trigger with the manual calendar update.

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nothing seemed to happen… no error message.

I found a different way to get what I needed :wink:

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