Season mod 🍂


*mumbles something about sacrificing a firstborn for this to be implemented in the official game *

But yeah, great idea for a mod!


Mod Updated

At the first post

What changed:

  • Added new medium and large autumn oaks, from Raze
  • Added snow covered boulders for winter
  • The mod is now on github too, link on first post too.


so it feels like it’s been FOREVER since i started playing with this mod installed and i kept wondering when the seasons will finally change. AND LOOKIE!!!

My little mountainside island mining town has finally FINALLY SHOWN SEASON CHANGE!!! YAY!!!

next i would love to see trees drop acorns or something to allow more trees to be planted maybe make a new profession like a forester, someone who automatically chops down trees when fully grown and uses the seeds they drop to plant new trees in their place? is this even possible? i’m so happy to finally see it happen!!!


You can get tree sprouts from farming. otherwise love this.


well yes but that’s the job of the farmer. i mean i’d love to see a separate job related to forestry and gathering from wild bushes and stuff be it’s own job you know, if you’ve ever played Banished you’d know what i’m saying.


This idea is a bit next level, but it would be a really cool thing if it could be done.
I was thinking when it’s winter, and there’s snow, usually that means it’s past the freezing point, so shouldn’t the water become ice. As in making it into a solid block, which hearthlings and other living things could move on. I have no experience with modding and stuff, so I have no idea of how this could be done.
Thx for reading :smile:


Imagining it in game,

… So you moated off your city, huh, to be safe,…
Freeze the water. :grinning:

It would be cool to have water freeze.


well it’s not really next level when you consider that Banished a game made by a single person createdthis exact type of job for workers to perform. In Banished the forester chops down trees to collect wood and plants new trees to keep the forest growing. by doing this it allows wild berries and vegetation to become more common allowing gatherers to find more berries fruits and such for food to bring back to town. all works together but individual people perform different tasks that ultimately connect to each others jobs. Similarly the farmers grow and pick crops and the trappers collect capture wild animals to collect meat in Stonehearth so the cooks can turn the raw vegies and collected meats into better more tasty food for the hearthlings. It shouldn’t be too difficult to create a profession that would allow you to similarly to planting crops and placing trapping areas to select an area of limited space where trees exist to chop down and replace trees with sapplings if they are in storage via the farmers.


haha i tend to place myself in a secluded area of the map with limited space but limited access allowing me safe entrance and ease of protection.<img src="/uploads/stonehearth/original/3X/7/5/75c5

88652228c63e3ae8c8693ebf51d224ea5a79.jpg" width=“690” height=“391”>

this is my current village but i’m having some LUA errors and high Astar usage that’s causing some major lag right now… While it doesn’t seem like it’s a secluded area there is only ONE entrance to the actual village below the castle the patch of land that the trappers and farmers are working on can only be entered from with in the village itself. and while monsters can spawn on the mountain they’ve never caused me any issues really and even then i’ve never had a major goblin camp spawn on the mountain as i believe they require dirt to dig up a hole to place their tents and such. my mine is in the mountain and under the farmers/trappers hill the hearthlings eat outside near the first firepit. and the vast majority of them sleep in the towers along with most of their work stations are in the towers too. and the monsters that DO spawn on the mountain only spawn at the far end of it where they almost never move from. it’s a rather nice setup i just wish i didn’t have so many issues with performance and lag right now.


The mod looks great. I am just starting out, and this is awesome!


maybe your tree stump mod could use snow varieties of the stumps :slight_smile:


Defiantly a future mod to check out for a new town:D


@BrunoSupremo quick question. Do this mod work in savegames or do you have to make a new game for it to work? I just installed it and my game is in the warmun. Or will i first see any difference when i change season?
thanks :merry:


It works in saved games. It takes time, randomly between one hour up to 1 month for some trees to update.

The game starts at spring, so it will take 6 months to see anything, as there is no content for summer, just autumn and winter. (warmun is autumn, so you should see some changes in the following days)

This mod is very underwhelming. Only those objects in the first screenshot can actually appear, everything else will stay the same in all seasons. For example, only small oaks have winter variation.


I might need to help you with that then… Ill make a note of this :merry:


i just noticed this @BrunoSupremo what is that? and could that be why my trees dont change?


That is for sure why it is not working for you. Try downloading it again, maybe the file was corrupted. I tested a fresh download and it worked ok.


Guess you made the same mistake that I did. I bet if you look into the folder you will just see the folder (again) or you’ll just see the .smod file inside the folder. you have to go inside the folder of the folder in the folder and take out the .smod file and put it into the mods folder


It is a *.smod inside the *.zip. There is no folder. You just extract it.
As instructed in the first post:


Sorry :expressionless: just downloaded ~20 mods yesterday. I can’t remember what mods are in the folder format or in the .smod format