Season mod 🍂


Mod Updated

:up: At the first post

What changed:

  • Added autumn versions of berry bush and brightbell, models from @Fornjotr


YES! Great job @BrunoSupremo and @Fornjotr


@BrunoSupremo When i get my pc back from being fixed i’m going to make a complete seasonal set of item for this mod.


I have the same issue as Fornjotr; the mod consists of an “invalid manifest” regardless of the amount of times I download it or whether I rename it. I’m new to Stonehearth modding and all, but the only other one I’ve had any installing is the Archipelago mod (same problem), so I don’t know what I might have done wrong…

Edit Got Archipelago working do to your secondary link, but I’m still fighting with Seasons, which sucks because now I really want to laugh maniacally as my hearthlings tremble in the snow (jk)!


There is a current error in the file name, same thing in the archipelago. You need to rename the file to have an exact name. Here in this case it should be renamed to exactly season_mod.smod. (In the archipelago there is a second link that will work fine)

This mod is old, and kinda neglected.
Ideally, it should be split based on biomes.
So a player would only see the snow version of the items in the temperate biome, as it is the only biome with the 4 standard seasons (winter,autumn,spring,summer).
Other biomes should have different seasons with different behaviors, like desert having only two seasons (dry, rain) or archipelago having 3 (summer, rain, wind)


Thanks; I realized that there was a second link a second ago and thereafter felt like a huge dolt for bothering you about that xD

I still think it’s a really cool mod, just like the rest of yours, regardless of whether it completely matches your ideal vision. Just the idea of the seasons changing at all is impressive to me, since I’m not much of a coder. The best I ever did was a single neopets page, lol.


This mod is beautiful & I love watching the colour changes is there a way to adjust the plants & bushes so they still work with the plant lore mod for auto-harrvesting?


I didn’t tested that mod yet, but as far as I got it should work with it, though you will need to manually harvest it once to recognize the new plants.


It’s not showing the auto-harvest option once it’s changed unfortunately - not a huge deal just convenience lol


It looks nice, haha :smiley: