Landscaping / Digging

OK I’ve done a search and there isn’t really a topic that discusses this specifically. It is mentioned in some responses to other topics but with no real reply or information from the devs.

I know Tom has mentioned that you won’t be able to build things block by block, but what about the terrain? Are you stuck with the terrain as it is spawned? At a minimal we should be able to level out areas for buildings and farms. They have mentioned mining for stone and other resources, so that would imply removing blocks from the terrain, or maybe it’s just creating a Settlers style mining building that will generate resources.

If I understand the desires of Tom and Tony it’s to have a real sandbox game where you can create a city that’s your own. The Lego reference has been used many times. To do this we should not only have the ability to just level some terrain, but build it up in areas as well. This would allow us to create beautiful gardens, parks and landscape in and around our cities .

Just looking for what the current train of thought in this regard is.

If I am not wrong, it was mentioned in some streams that there will be two ways to alter terrain:

  1. Settlers can dig holes and create smaller hills.
  2. Geomancer can use more powerfull spells to alter terrain.

Tom answered this at the last live stream. Looks like all landscaping tools will be there, but it will take your workers time to do things.

I believe that more advanced classes, like geomancer and magma smith will allow faster/bigger scale terraforming, but it should be available basically from regular Workers. And once the dwarves come around, I’m sure terraforming will get some sort of overhaul for them.