(A18) Building Destruction suggestion

The new explosion mechanism works fantastic so far. I know you all talked about an engineer, but perhaps all hearthlings can only explode buildings a certain size unless they’re an engineer. For example: Any buildings with a template beyond 10 blocks (either direction) would require an engineer to destroy them.

I would also like to see a little animation, as someone else suggested on the comments, where they run up with TNT. Perhaps make TNT a craftable item by the Stone Mason. I feel like the Stone Mason doesn’t have near as many crafts as other professions, so this could be a good one.

Someone suggested combining the ladder-takedown method and the demolition fragmenting; have deconstruction involve breaking off whole chunks at a time until it’s done. Then, a later-game instant demolition would be a suitable progression since you wouldn’t be dealing with painfully slow takedowns before then.