Explosives! (Suggestion)

My idea is to add explosives into the game. Explosives can be used in many ways, including sieges, and also mining. Not to mention irrisponsible destruction! Explosives could also come in many forms, including TNT and Black-Powder.

Do you like my idea? Do you have an opinion about my idea. If so, post a reply in the comments below. Thank you for your time!

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given the class we unlocked, it seems this may already be in the works… so, i agree with your suggestion… :wink:

Engineer: Fiendishly complex traps. Steam pumps. Black powder. In his moments of genius, this Master Craftsman boosts your town’s
productivity with miraculously advanced tools and weaponry. In his
other moments…

“With steam, human ingenuity, and enough pipes, anything is possible!”

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Miner - Picks at surface ore
Advanced Miner - Builds mine shafts into mountains and hills to reach richer mine nodes.
Advanced Miner Engineer Upgrade - Uses explosives to blast tunnels quicker and harvest ore nodes!

Could be fun!


I feel there should be detriment to using it to mine. Maybe some of the ore in the blast is no longer usable?

The downside is that is an explosion. It’ll weaken tunnels and shafts along with leaving rubble that has to be cleared out before it’s useful and makes it nearly impossible for even tunnels. Blocking resources is the cheap way out and should be avoided.



I think that explosives should have three functions in mining, actually. The first would be under-ground blasting. The second should be cast-shots for strip/pit mining. The third should be for geo-engineering; ie. leveling mountains or widening valleys or that kinda thing. This could be useful for perhaps creating or maintaining prominent defensive fortifications or evening out land for cities.

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I had this idea a while ago, and already designed an advanced miner with explosive barrels.

I love the idea of explosives in Stonehearth. Blow Cthulu up!

Seeing as Dwarves are being added I definitely see tons of TNT being used in the world of Stonehearth. The only thing a Dwarf loves more than gold is things that go boom.

Seeing as modern-day mining teams use explosives almost exclusively, I don’t think that sounds incredibly reasonable.

On the other hand, that is also one of the reasons why mining is one of the most dangerous professions of today. Smoke, heat, and flying rubble can cause hundreds of fatalities a year, as well as the possibility of tunnel collapse, i.e. Chile a few years ago.


Speaking of explosives I also see them being useful for dealing with Titans, not by directly throwing barrels of contact-explosives at them but maybe setting booby-traps up with explosives that can then be detonated to cause massive damage.

Also, further geo-engineering ideas; blasting out new riverbeds and canals.

excellent idea… and im curious, have either of you perhaps been playing Cube World, and using those wonderful bombs as a means to soften up the named mobs? :+1:

nice… for when your geomancer is nowhere to be found… or she’s on strike…

Hey Steve,

No I hadn’t. But I -DO- Play a lot of Company of Heroes…

And artillery and explosive traps are some of the most fun defensive things.

I have been, but… the bombs don’t work very well on those bosses.

I can also seeing this working the other way, with Goblins using explosives - Helm’s Deep anyone?

a few, no… but knock them on their keister, and literally surround them with about a dozen, and you’re in business… :smile:

agreed… there is something very satisfying in laying out a clever (and unavoidable) trap…

The problem is that the bombs take time to explode, so are difficult to do damage with.

Back to SH, the physics engine being implemented could mean that those goblins can target large buildings, blow up one corner, and half the building falls down. Adds depth to combat and forces better awareness and focus in battle.

I believe they’re aiming for this.

yes, sir… you are correct:

Will there be physics based destruction of houses, trees, etc?

“We would like to add physics for these kinds of things eventually.”

:wink: I do my best to keep up to date with all the latest answers. Even if I don’t post as often as I used to, I’m always watching… :custard:

P.S. I was looking for a O.O emote and found the custard instead it looks more delicious anyhow.