(PM GAME) The proffesions that didnt quite make it into stonehearth

try to come up with the most terrible ideas ever for stonehearth
be careful though…some crazy modder might put them in for real

mod edit: let’s try for something a bit more “family friendly”… :wink:

Adding Steampunk mechanical cows as a wild animal.

The Demolitionist


  • Bat guano gathered from cavern floors.
  • Charcoal from extinguished fires.
  • Sulfur recovered during the mining process.


  • Grinds each resource into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle. SEPARATELY!
  • Creates explosives to use for mining large areas.
  • Small explosive traps to use against invaders.
  • Grenade weaponry and explosive arrows for fighting armies.
  • Large explosive packs to siege enemy structures.
  • Also has the ability to make fireworks for celebrations, like the ones held after defeating the enemy with explosives!

The Demolitionist is both loved and feared because of the destructive ability their profession wields, and is required to build their workshop on the outskirts of town or in an old abandon mine. This ensures both the safety of the village, and the security of the crafted items. Whenever a Goblin has stolen a product from the stockpile in the past and decided to set it ablaze, they have never been able to report to the other Goblins that this is a horrible idea.


@DaiMoGui I think that should be a profession…


@Nicedude80, I think it would be really cool if it made it into the game. I would love to see it made into a mod, and I would even help in anyway possible.


The Taxidermist


  • Stuff small woodland creatures to use as decorative items.
  • Ability to make statues from the corpses of your fallen enemies.

While the Taxidermist often preserves a cute little creature so that it can be used as a decorative item, mostly for the untimely demise of Trapper’s pet, they are also able to create larger statues. Nothing really deters the advancement of the enemy on a settlement quite like Goblin warrior, Harlog the Great, propped up as a statue on the edge of town eternally frozen in the moment of defeat. Make them think twice about their attack as they gaze into the glassy eyes of their recently dispatched comrade.