More StoneHearth Suggestions!

  • Add more weps, such as: Bows, 2 handed weps (Hammers and mace) and maybe head gear?

  • Add more Animals: Deer, birds, chickens! etc.

  • More Jobs: Butcher, Archer, Slaves (Goblins and maybe Flesh Eaters), Liberian, I saw a witch or a wizard in the game drawing maybe that will do a good use!

  • More Terrain: Add more Terrain area, depth of the area and make a possibility of 3 max animal or even 4.

  • Seasons and Weather: Winter, Snow, Temperature, Winter/Summer clothes, Rain, Thunder storm.

  • Furniture: Bookshelfs,Double Secure Door and Larger Tables and Chairs.
    Must Bug Fix: Stone Castle Wall Glitch, Camp Goblin Glitch and the 2 floored glitch!

I know it’s going to be added: Rain (Due to my evidence when clicking on roofs and reading their description. Castle Wall glitch might be Fixed.

What do you think?
Got better ideas or more? Comment!

Hello friend =^.^=

much what you have suggested is planned to enter the game in the future. Tom has said that different terrains will be added along with seasons. Im pretty sure the archer is on the trello board for being “in the works” and as for the butcher, that might be something that the cook will do as well. I don’t think they will be called slaves, but we might in the far future have the ability to have some mobs work for us, I know the rabbit people are a co-existing clan that we can help and such. Magic is going to be rare and you will have to work to get it. They have deer and other animals modeled, they just want to get other features out before adding them in. Ah and as for furniture, more will probs be added in the future, but it is easy to mod in if you really want it.

hope this helped answer a few of you’re questions. ahah I didn’t really go in depth, but if you search through the discourse, there are a lot of topics talking about what you have addressed in greater detail.


Yeah most of this has already been approved to be in game~