Horses - a new unit (cavalary)

So i fought about horses like about an animal that a shepard could idk’‘Make’’?
and you could make a hearthling an owner of one of them (he should be knight or archer or cleric)

or a totaly new class that would need a horse to exist

and in fight they will use them and horse is going to buff up their movement and dmg
of course there will be needed an special ehh… feeding stuff that cook will make?


Cavalry class as a 3rd level after knights would be a possiblity. However horseback charges would be extremely OP against most big things, small things won’t care.


So we could make them VERY hard to get :slight_smile:
Like for one horse you would need a place for 30x30 - 40x40 blocks
and to promote hearthling to cavalary you will need a 1 horse and a 1 weapon that could be crafted by blacksmith of lvl 4 or 5.
The question of stats I leave to Dev’s
(Cavalary could have big DMG, even bigger when charging but when they end they charge their movmet will be very low - horse needs a runway to boost his DMG and SPEED)


Pretty much the only insane cavalry we know to this day are the Polish Hussars. It would make more sense to make it some kind of elite unit rather than a random viking or turk on the back.
Horses should be units with needs also, as being a horseback rider involved taking care of your mate as much as doghunting.

It’s hard to implement and perhaps better as a mod ?


at the BARE minimum horses or some form of beast of burden type animal should be implemented.

How about Varunus? The giant lizard worm things? Being able to capture them as babies and train them into adulthood. It

would give the Trapper or Shepard additional roles as well as crafting recipes. (think harnesses, tethers, saddlebags, armor)

Can be used as a combat mount or a walking resource dump. Like if that mine that you use is seriously far away from your

city, they can be used as mules. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


I think that cavelery must be best choice VS archers. Big damage it’s wrong idea - in medium army damage is ok. But archers is a head hurt. Cavalery must have high speed (realy high) and passive stun for ground fixation one target at close combat. Class should be difficult to achieve and very expensive to maintain. I agree with horses introduction, nice idea! Foe must have horses fighter ( goblin at wolf?) too.


I’ve thought of this too, wolf riders would be awesome as well as having a counter unit with a spear to break the charge.


I greet to you for the memory of the cavalary of my country :joy:

And even if there was only polish cavalary that was awansome this doesn’t mean we can’t have it in basic game becaose I must say I thing guys on horses ARE VERY COOL

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So cavalary might have BIG SPEED, medium DMG (if they get a runway DMG is 3x), medium/high HP
and they SHOULD be very hard to get as I said:

-a sheppard that will take care of the horses at lvl 3 (35x35 for 1 horse)

-a weapon made out of maybe gold and silver by blacksmith

-a Knight of lvl 4 or 5 to promote him to cavalary

-AND a Cook of lvl 4 that will make him FOOD


Horses generally eat hay, don’t they? Maybe it would be better to have to promote the Sheppard to a Stablehand.

I also really like the weapon requirements, but the tailor should also have to make a saddle out of leather I think.

Perhaps a quest that unlocks a stable build that is required also or instead of the Stablehand? Battle horses shouldn’t just be wandering about in pastures, I don’t think.


And now we are just complecating things

sheppard should be a sheppard and a cook should make a food for him
but idea of saddle is GREAT a weaver could do it on lvl 3 or 4 from maybe 3 leather and 1 iron ingot

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Yeah, the building is probably too much, but we’ll just have to agree to disagree on the shepherd/cook thing I think. What would the cook make, dya reckon?

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Hey, you’re talking ARK: Survival Evolved now.

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Cook is making food for sheep right ?
Why cant he from the same ingriedients and maybe carrots make food for them? (maybe more ingriedients like: 5 wheat and 3 carrots or more)

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He would, and the shepherd would take care of him till he’s grown up enough to work.
Then a knight can be upgraded or equiped with a horse or the horse is used for work purposes. Maybe oxes would be more balanced ?


I suggest this:

Upgrade a shepherd to a groom to maintain a livery stable, the horses get used by farmers to till fields and gatherers to return more goods.

New jobs like hunters from trappers, horse archers from regular archers, cavaliers from knights, maybe a missionary from herbalists or clerics… They all get to actually ride the horses.

Horses wouldn’t need a whole meal as often as hearthlings, because they can just graze wherever, and they could carry some food so your hearthlings will finally stop turning around for food when they traveled almost the whole map to pick something up.

Since it’s a fantasy game, you could also have fantasy mounts. Maybe that’s an upgrade path from the groom?

I believe Beastmaster class is planned to tame Varanuses, Hearthling riding a Varanus appears in art files several times. I think it should be possible to mount any Hearthling on a Varanus (by assigning an owner just like with beds) with boni depending on class (archers get extra range, knigths and footmen extra damage) and some extra armour as they are harder to reach from ground. A spearman class to counter cavalry would be a nice addition here.

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