Logistics and more

I feel like the workers can tend to dawdle so hulling things can be very painstakingly slow even if they have been set to hull only, to combat this have had an idea.
Carts with and or with out a pull animal, this would allow Hearthlings to transport more resources and do it much quicker. You could also make it a specialised trait. Also having Hearthlings on horse back will also lead to new units like the knight

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This is a very good idea. Horses for workers and knights would add a lot more depth to the game. I do sometimes find it annoying how long it takes for workers to haul stuff, especially when it is far away. This could also allows for a new class, such as a Groom/Stable Boy to take care of the horses. Than the horse could be claimed by either a Knight or a Worker to use.

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That was my exact thought could ad up to 4 new traits

Give the search function a try… Try with the word: Horse :merry:

As you will find out when you do this, there are many players that back this suggestion up and there have been alot of discussion on the subject you might find interessting?

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