Transportation of items over a long distance

possibly add something like a minecart for transport of lots of items or even faster transport of hearthings.

My mining aria is far from my base so I think it would be cool if you could build a minecart track going from my mining aria to my back and instead of picking up items and walking all the way back to base then walking all the way back to get more items. They could just fill up the minecart when it is full it will go back to back and then it can be unloaded and sent back to be filled up.

possibly after a long day of mining they all get in the minecart and go back home to sleep.

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You can put a chest near your mining area and then let your Hearthlings carry the full chest back.

But yeah, transportation lines would be pretty great

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How about wheelburrows as an upgrade-item for hearthlings? So, they could transport larger quantities.