Mine Carts for fast travel

I have been mining more then dwarves in the mines of Moria. Due to my mine being so far from my town and so deep it takes my hearthling a very long time to get to the mine and back to the town. If I had a mine cart system then it would make things alot easier. Im not sayin to add this as a in game item right now but possibly as a DLC or a later expansion.


This is a good idea. It should have to use a log to fuel it too.

i like this idea becasue some times the hearthings also stay out at the mining operation and dont return for food so the mine cart could have a requirement of food being stored in it as well

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think this would be cool.
Currently i have tones of items for looting in the world. most of them are to far away for my lazy workers. and then i takes ages for them to collect everything.
I cart would be nice (wood cart, one wheel, carried by one worker). I can count as a “mobile-chest”.
Same with with mine cart, maybe one on rails. Think placing rails would make fun. Hope they extend the underground with caves or interesting places.

I think that a hours with a cart wold fit the style better then a mine cart wold.
Then the dwarfs are implemented I think they wold fit to have the mine cart.