Farmers prioritize placing items over their job

Just started a new game in A15 on steam latest and found a new strange behavior of my farmer, she stops farming with plenty of empty fields left to build beds and move berry bushes. seems she priorizes some jobs over her farming job and I don’t think thats correct :slightly_smiling:

I think we had this before: A12 Farmer Bug

Carpenter and Trapper do their things correct and soldier is happy on patrol.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. promote farmer and set farming areas
  2. place many things (beds, bushes, chairs)
  3. watch farmer stop planting and building instead

Expected Results:
Farming should be the #1 priority for farmers

Actual Results:
Building is the top priority for farmers

Version Number and Mods in use:
A15 (2860) x64, no Mods

System Information:
i5 2500K, 8GB, GTX970

same here. Farmer is not concentrating on the job.

You can select what each hearthling should be doing in the hearthling menu

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had it in a14 for a while too, just unchecked the box about moving items

It worked pretty well for me in A14 and earlier, that’s why I posted this now.
As far as I remember, at a livestream we where told that the priority in the Hearthling Therapist rises from left to right (Haul < Build < Mine < Job) but I don’t know if this is true anymore because of the performance changes and how tasks are assigned now…

Its happen to me that my carpenter is also geathering resources instead building at his working queue.

In these instances I’ve always turned off hauling… So they would be tending farm mostly. I’ve had this happen in A14, but wasn’t too concerned with it since I could get them to idle after farming when no farming tasks left. I’ll have to see this weekend the changes myself when I play. To see if there is a difference.

The one exception though to all this is ladder building, which anyone can do. That makes sense at least, and don’t mind that simple function.

Hi there,
I’m making a fix now for farmers to prioritize farming over placing items. Look for it in next unstable release.