Farmer: Prioritize Placing Items Over Farming

Quick little bug report before bed:

I’m noticing on the newest release (465) that the farmer will place items down (especially windows/doors/etc) over preforming their farming tasks.

I had one farmer who kept running to her field, turning running away to put in a door and then repeating about 4 times to put windows in a building before she would begin planting crops.

It seems as if Placing Items is higher on the task priority than Planting Crops and other farmer related tasks.

Anyone noticing this phenomena?

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This was definately posted before…
…here we go:

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I know I saw something similar someplace. Since the other was a list of issues and this is an official bug report, I’d assume it’s alright.


Hmmm farmers didn’t use to Place things. I added an exception for plants so that farmers could put down the trees. It looks like that has been broken somehow. Will investigate


On a + note the cook helps farm and is pathing just great!


Any progress in your investigation @yshan?