Assign Haul Area for workers

I’ve seen the suggestion about assigning workers to different construction projects but I’d like to be able to assign workers to an area for hauling goods. For instance, I would like to have a worker that just carries goods from my pastures or one that just moves things from the farm. So essentially when I click on a worker I would see the “box” where he is assigned to haul goods from and you could set that from the character portrait area in the bottom left next to where the character sheet is. I don’t think it would be hard to implement as you already use a similar mechanic to highlight everything that needs to be looted. This would just set a designated area for that one worker to haul goods from.

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One tip is to have chests at dedicated areas, as in a chest close to the farms, aswell as locating your cook close to those, and to top it off have the dining area there, this reduces the walkings speed which equals to more efficiency ^^