A20 Workers not looting

Tried two different games and the workers dont pick up any loot. Worked fine i A19

It seems that all of their other tasks are being done.


make sure you don’t just have a backlog of a lot of hauling to do. this is usually the case. especially when loot is far away, hearthlings rarely have time to go pick thigns up. what you can try is selecting a soldier and uncheck the job box and move them to the loot you want picked up, and they might haul it faster than usual

Sure there are some hauling to do, But seems unlikely.

Tried the soldier thing without success, ran right by the loot.

And did then become idle

are you sure you have free stockpile space? that could also cause an issue

A pile with waelth right? Than yes.

Created a new one just in case.

chest sometimes have bugs as well. try a standard stockpile right next to the loot.

depends on the loot you want to grab

That did it!

Finally picked it up!


no problem :jubilant: