A "Store" command

I think it would be very helpful if we not only had a , but a command, that commands workers to take stuff away from the selected area and storing it in a zone. This is mainly stemming from my experience with my very messy villagers. They would start by chopping down a lot of trees, but then when monsters attack and I give them the order to defend, afterwards they seem to forget about the harvest. This leaves a lot of wood just lying around, and I have to end up setting up a “pickup” zone so i can use that fallen lumber. This also occurs with my villagers messing up and just leaving lumber ontop of the roofs of my houses.
This would also help people easily move their storage zones to somewhere else more suitable.

Suggestions have been made for a priority system of some sort to where workers would handle certain tasks before others.

What I see could be useful later on would be some sort of “garbage” zone where useless items could be marked by the player to be moved and eventually decompose, be dismanteled or something of the sort.

I don’t think the problem is priority, more of leaving it uncompleted. They seem to forget what they’re doing immediately upon giving them a new command, even after completion of said command. One of my main houses is missing a door and 3 windows, has 3 extra ladders where the windows are, but since the townsfolk got hungry they forgot about finishing the building. It might just be a bug though.
Although the game prides in hands-off mostly, I think some degree of micro-management, or some order-rearrangement will be helpful in terms of making the workers do what you want.

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Alpha guys, thats all. Sure they aware of this and AI will be optimized. I would prefer picking up everytnig what lies on the floor as a tickable option in menu maybe, or maybe mini proffesion “Cleaner” :smile: