Alpha 11 Pathfinding broken?

I did not see this in alpha 10 or I do not remember seeing this:

My hearthlings walk the red line to my mine and the green back to the stockpile.

As you may see the walking way is kinda … you see :stuck_out_tongue:

Could this be related to Mining with help of ladders , that the little buggers do not find their way to the mining area?


Indeed, the pathfinding looks pretty odd but basically the hearthling first look for his target as if the world was a simple 2D plane then go straight to it. If he find an obstacle such a clift, he will look at the nearest way to go up or down. That’s why your initial green path point to your stockpile and your initial red path point to your mining zone.

I don’t think this is related to the bug described in the thread you point at.


Okay, Team Radiant, why’d you decide to go with the greedy best-first algorithm for pathfinding this time around?

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Because from a performance POV, it’s better for your cpu? :sweat_smile: (or maybe for the AI)

And @groms, I’ve seen those pointless walks in other previous alphas too… And some of them were really useless, like going to the banner, turn around it, and return to the start point because the object to pick up was next to you :expressionless:

I’m not sure how will they try to fix these situations… It’s due to the algorithm plus the randomness of your world, I can’t think of a way to force things here… :confused:

Thanks for reporting anyway, since they are revisiting the pathfinding lately :smile:


Yeah, creating a pathfinding AI with all the randomness and with all maybes … etc. and which is also performance friendly is … hmmmm … difficult(understatement).

Wow … why did I write patchfinding as topic name … don’t write stuff after beeing awake for 19 hours with work, driving(for hours) etc.

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