Smart pathing...?

The pathfinding can still use some work, I guess, as the hearthlings still occasionally choose quite stupid ways…

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a street network with streets (the actual street slabs, not regular floors)
  2. Build “obstacles” for the pathfinding, like trees next to the streets or gateways
  3. Turn on visible paths in options (optional, but makes sense)
  4. Send hearthlings from one corner of the settlement to the other.

Expected Results:
Optimal paths, mainly sticking to the roads, as they are (supposed to be) faster.

Actual Results:
Weird detours, apparently preferring the “visually most interesting” route? See screenshots below.


Please note that all of these streets were built with the correct “street building” tool, they’re not just floors or slabs.

Version Number and Mods in use:
no mods, release-549, x64, on Steam

System Information:
Windows 10, x64


Still the same version of A15, but a very distinct example… You can get the feeling, that under some conditions, streets are actually considered to decrease the walking speed, instead of increasing it, so the hearthlings occasionally try to avoid streets.

And then, this recently happened, too ^^:

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