I question the logic of your path finding

At least in this case… :slight_smile:

Not really a problem, but it’s quite strange that it somehow picked that kind of path, when there was a straight path fully available… :stuck_out_tongue:

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They could increase the path weight of going through a ladder, so if both options are similar, they would prefer walking.

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I’ve also noticed that if you have an Inn placed (or being build) they tend to path towards the Inn’s entry, same for monsters as well.

That would make sense, yeah. But still in my example it’s a detour compared to just walking past the ladder and straight ahead - it made the route longer, when there was no need to. I guess the problem is that it pathed into the ladder and just lost all sense of direction, concluding that it then had to go up. :wink:

Even without increasing the weight of ladders they should probably realize that the height of the ladders adds to the distance of the path, if they don’t already, so they don’t just count it as walking one square.
However, in this case, since the hearthling is even taking a detour through the unfinished building it might be that the door (or something else) has a really low or even negative weight so that the hearthling OCDs and goes through it “because that’s what doors are for, for Cid’s sake!”

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That’s probably related to how the inn is constructed – I would guess that the covered roadway bit is actual road, not just floor, so that the inn can neatly fit into existing roads.

Hearthlings and monsters prefer to use roads where they can; which would explain the deviation towards the inn’s entry.