Unexpected Pathfinding with Desert Lodge

I brought this up on a stream a week or so ago, unfortunately, my concern has shown up the A19 develop build. The new Desert Lodge is intended to have Hearthlings go through the middle of the building to reach the stairs on the “right” side (“right” from the perspective of facing the side with no doors) of the building. It seems that the wood styling on the right side allows for Hearthlings to path over the wood to the stairs. I have circled the offending block in red. I would like to recommend that the block be removed from the template.

Potential solution:

Paging @Allie

Note: I love the design, don’t want this to seem like I am complaining about it!


Or add something on top! It would also block their path.


Aha!! Good catch Jomaxro. I don’t think losing one brick could hurt : D