Pathfinding is broken until you put ladders

Pathfinding is broken until you put ladders for your hearthlings on complicated maps generated by modding like Archipelago or Canyon.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Generate Canyon map
  2. Dig stairs to places hearthlings can’t reach
  3. Sometimes hearthlings are stuck until you place ladders next to stairs you’ve dug.

Expected Results:
No ladders needed they should use the dug stairs

Actual Results:
Hearthlings sometimes are stuck until you put ladders next to dug stairs



Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 19

System Information:
AMD 64 8Go RAM

Hi, I’m the author of those mods, can you post a save file where we can see those problems happening?

Although pathfind A.i. is out of my skills (and probably not my fault for the bugs) I can at least try to discovery why it bugs and made changes to the biomes to avoid it happening again.

The first version of Archipelago had a ton of “invisible walls”. I got it fixed by changing a few settings.



Hi, Thank you for your answer. I have no save for Archipelago but I join you a sample with Canyon. Two saves : one with ladders and one without ladders. You can see that the hearthling named Luca Killian is stucked when there are no ladders next to dug stairs.

Note that you will have to set up the version and mods I used for the savegame to load my saves :

  • Alpha 19
  • anorien_biome
  • archipelago_biome
  • assassin
  • canyon_biome
  • cookmode (CAFE)
  • desert_transition_temperate (biome mod)
  • grove_biome
  • settlementdecor

Note 2 that is my first share with Dropbox let me know in case of troubles getting the file.

For Archipelago the problem is slightly different. I had a hearthling at the opposite side of a big island relatively to my town and the hearthling was going back and forth for about 10 minutes at normal speed before he could find a way to the town. As soon as I meet such a bug on Archipelago map I submit you my save.

Ok in the savegame Killian achieve to find a path to return home because there are ladders around the central lake so he can get around. But in my beginnings there was no path to get around the lake and two of my hearthlings get stuck where the trapper’s traps are laid. If you quickly remove the ladders to break ladders path around the lake killian is stucked as he can’t find a way through dug stairs.

You have not completed the steps of your stair, that’s they can’t use it :wink:

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Oh my !

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you very much for breaking my deadlock !

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