Stone roads don't work like wooden roads

The stone roads you can build do not give your Hearthlings a speed boast.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a stone road from point A to B
  2. Build a wooden road along side it that is less efficient to follow
  3. Wait for Hearthlings to walk the route you build a road for

Expected Results:
Hearthlings favor the stone road, since it should give the same speed boost and is shorter than the wooden road

Actual Results:
Hearthlings take the slightly longer, wooden road. Since that does get them the speed boost and reach their destitination faster.
When no wooden road is present hearthlings still ignore the stone road, cutting trough the grass to get to their destination

In this screenshot, two hearthlings comming from the village above, decided to take the unconnected road below instead of the connected stone road above
Version Number and Mods in use:
0.20.0 release 701

  • Stonehearth cafe
  • Furniture expansion plus
  • Jomaxro Doorway mod
  • 8bitcrab’s runes
  • season’s mod
  • Settlement decor mod

Sometimes just the speed boost is not enough for a route to be considered the best way. In your screenshot, if their destination is to the south of that ending, it makes sense that even going outside the road could be better.

If you feel like helping out, try double-checking. Repeat the same experiment, but with stone and wood roads reversed. What happens?

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When I get back to the game I will double check and if I’m still certain of my case I will post the save along with my findings

This is what i got after trying to test it: It seems that the stone road is used just fine when they come to the point with the notch in the wooden road. On the left is storage zone for construction and on the right is one for wood and the carpenters workbench. When ordered to produce 20 dressers, logically 10 will be placed coresponding to each type of road. One thing that might be different, is that this is build as one road with two materials, whereas to roads next to eachother might have a different result?

Another thing to check is make sure you actually used the road tool for the stone road and not the floor tool for buildings which looks similar in construction but different in the speed boost.


I have rebuild my road and this seemed to be the case since they now take the expected path. Pretty silly from my part.

Thanks :merry: