Hearthlings becoming unproductive

Summary: The title says it all, My workers decided to give up on everything and instead walk around talking to people, even if there is a ton of loot laying around and two buildings in progress

Expected Results: Workers should WORK

Actual Results: Workers don’t WORK

Attachments: none

Version Number and Mods in use: No mods, Version 0.23.0, x64 build

System Information: HP ENVY x360, x64 base processor, 64 bit system. Intel Core i7 8550u CPU 1.80 Ghz

How many hearthlings do you have by chance?

The town has a limit of 36, but so far there are 29 Hearthlings

Ahhh okay. This is actually quite common with the game that can start happening after 20 Hearthlings or so, the AI starts taking up too much CPU to effectively path-find and execute tasks. Hopefully they’ll continue optimizing things and work on multi-threading the path-finder.

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Thanks mate, Appreciate it

Just closing to keep things tidy!