Stops mining when told

I have no clue why, but ALL my workers just stops mining and goes to rest in infinity unless i tell them to do something else, why does this game AI sucks so much? How can I fix it?

Team Radiant custom built the game engine specifically for the game so it is taking a profusion of time to slowly adapt the AI to the growing size of the game.

One of the developers (@Albert I believe) is constantly working on AI issues. Tony (aka @Ponder) has been almost exclusively making optimization fixes lately to help with performance (one of the major causes of lazy hearthlings.

They have been making much progress so I am sure this issue will be fixed or happen less frequently soon. :slightly_smiling:

If you could post your system specs amd what version you are playing, it could be useful information for team Radiant :blush:

Kanpai :sake:


So in other words there is no temporary fix whatsoever?

I read that if you pause the game while looking at the screen that shows all the hearthlings. They will go from idle to doing work, be it mining, gathering, building, or chopping. Then you can un-pause the game. What I do is save and load which helps them to get doing what you told them to do.


That seems to be the only solution yet. Otherwise you may wait for a long time until they start doing something.

I havn’t played the past month but saving and loading / removing and placing new mining zones seemed to work for me in most situations.

how large is the mining zone? i know that in the past hearthlings had a hard time mining anything larger then 20x20, so if you have something larger then that try breaking it down into multiple mining zones.

Also, just a note that only 4 Hearthlings can work one zone at a time, so if you have lots of Hearthlings and want to mine a large area quickly, it can be advantageous to make multiple smaller zones.

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