[Dev 2494] Hearthlings hording stuff for themself

I recently noticed that my Hearthlings evolved the habit of just keeping stuff they should store
it first came to my attention when I ordered some swords and they never ended up in the stockpile
there is a defined stockpile for everything and space in said stockpile so I don’t know why the Hearthlings just keep stuff not belonging to them!

to make matters worse they are just like… kumbaya let’s not work today…

standing around the fire pit doing nothing… they are not stuck or frozen…they just idled out after night time …
I bet they move again when it’s time for noms … :confused:

just noticed that the stuff they horde in their backpacks also shows up in the towns inventory making it impossible to plan anything as you can’t tell what’s in stockpile and what not

I’d suggest a way to tell a Hearthling to empty their pockets like dumping it on the spot or the next designated stockpile… just to force the stuff out of their inventory so it can be used again


Some quick thoughts and some testing of my own.

There is some bugs still in backpacks where they don’t always empty them when they should, but I have not encountered this as much with the latest version (2494). Normally, if they haven’t emptied their pockets at some point, I usually see them go idle then dump everything out. This is probably some buggy behavior itself, but I can’t actually make it happen, so eh. But relating to your specific issue, it seems like you are encountering a combination of things. It looks like you have the broken AI bug that has been a chronic pain, because your guys stand around idle when there are things to do. Try saving, exiting, then reloading to see if that kicks them into action, or put them in a party and just make them move a bit then disband it. With 16 hearthlings, this is a very real possibility, and may not be related to backpacks at all.

A couple other things though. Try cancelling all workshop jobs, then canceling mining jobs if you have any. They could be stuck trying to do those things. Also, you are using the loot command to try and make them pick up everything at once, I am assuming? I tried this to see if there was any potential issues with them getting stuck trying to loot something in a backpack or somesuch, but couldn’t cause it. I did notice though that it doesn’t work like it did beforehand, so they won’t vacuum up everything, which is why you have items in your stockpiles that still have the loot command attached. Maybe try cancelling all those orders to see if that fixes it.

well I only issue the loot command for larger areas if they left stuff on the ground for days

strange to say but when I issued a new mining command they rushed there as if they had free icecream in that mine

and I managed to get them drop all their loot by opening a new stockpile and removing the previously used one… forcing them to relocate all the stuff from the old stockpile and dumping the stuff in their backpacks in the process… yay

they also started to pick up stuff they never touched in the last days :+1:

*sees the hearthlings around the fire*
They are conspiring against you, clearly. That, or summoning an evil spirit in plain daylight. :smirk:

Do you get any engine errors when these bugs happen? :confused:

(Also, I love those flowers and the plushie on the tombstone, it’s endearing)…


well… for some days now I always get this entity ‘nil’ error I already posted here when I load the game

at first two of my Hearthlings just idled out in sleeping stance as I posted here but somehow (magic I guess) I managed to free them just to find two other Hearthlings with the same problem some days later
right now none of them is stuck but behaving like I mentioned above

the poor Hearthling buried in that grave was a victim to an armed goblin on…day 3 I think…
luckily I lost none of them to freez/starvation yet and my population is at 23 Hearthlings at day 38 ^^
(aaaand I bet I just cursed my save game… :hankey: )