Is jerky not considered food?

I have made a small camp up in the mountains and my main foodresource comes from the trapper… Or so i planned at least, but now the hearthlings are starving even though the crates is filled with meat (jerky).

I had the mod installed (the moding tutorial one) but removed it because it messes with the lights in a normal game. I cant see any other changes i have made and i dont really know if the hearthlings have lived of the starting foods until now? I have gotten a hold of a few berrybushes from a trader and hopefully they will save my hearthlings, but it seems strange that they dont eat the meat?

So is this a bug or is it gameplay?


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I know my hearthlings currently eat it.


Hello Fornjotr ! :slight_smile:
They eat everything else without problem ?

it seems to be a bug :o

Some villager sometime get the trait " herbivore " but i don’t think it’s the problem over here or it would be really akward :smiley:

You should upload your savegame so dev can check if they can reproduce this :o

What is your version of the game buddy ? :smiley:


I can chip in and say two things: the modding tutorial mod is an absolute mess and causes a lot of problems

and B: jerky counts as food, i often start out with just the trapper and mine live off jerky just fine.

so im saying bug.


Well i was pretty sure that this was a bug, but now i am confident about it. I have been playing mountain playthroughs before where the trapper worked as intended.

I better throw a savegame after them :tornado:
Thanks guys for the quick replies :slight_smile:

@Relyss if you need this savegame: (4.4 MB)


Bug confirmed. Thanks!!

P.S. The bug is them not finding the food inside crates. They can still reach the food if it’s on the ground, I saw one of the hungry hearthlings ignoring the crate and going to a jerky that was around the trapping grounds.