Almost no food from trapper (latest build)

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or i’m unlucky for several days or the trapper saw some foodnerfing, but he brings no jerky home.
usualy i rely on a trapper in the beginning of a game to hunt for the camp.
it’s my first game in alpha 17 and i’m facing a serious crisis now… which is unusual cause the trapper always was able to get enough meat for the first 2-3 days.
does the trapper now have a lower chance of getting jerky out of trapped animals?

i’m pretty sure the trapper was nerfed awhile back so that they’re more about pelts than jerky… but then again, what version are you comparing the current A17 trapper to?

Considering what 8bitcrab says, that might be normal; probably due to peolple mentioning the overabundance of it in A15 and prior. That was the last one that had an abundance of jerky. I think it was sometime while A16 was in beta that they lowered the amount. I actually like the change, as it makes more sense that you get most your food from farming rather than trapping; which as pointed out is more for the skins.

Well in the way I see it, and have experienced. It is actually the one thing I personally glad they reduced, due to it not being in any cooking recipes, so no real need for it to be so high, as it clutters up the food stockpile from the more higher quality things. The cook’s foods that is.

Not sure what the exact reasoning but the above is what i think might be or at least a few ideas anyway…

I remember posting about this on another thread. One of the things I have noticed in Hard mode is that I have to promote most of my Hearthling very quickly leaving very few workers in the beginning. The trapper will haul and chop trees to compensate for this, reducing the actual amount of time harvesting traps. The pets that they tame all seem to like to eat jerky as do any Hearthling that wonders by. With the reduction that @Tamorr spoke about and the random chance to produce Jerky you can have dry spells at early levels. Once my trapper gets up to level 5 and my worker population has been built back up, I am able to maintain a modest amount.

@Seraphic may be using the cookmod, which does include several food items with Jerky as an ingredient. The cook can burn through Jerky reserves very quickly with the roasted critter and honey glazed critter.

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Two vanilla cooking recipes use “Raw Meat”, the omelette and the second stew. I always thought this was the jerky, but comparing the Cooking UI and the Stocks screen in some saves, they don’t appear to match up ><
(I do concur that the tamed critters seem to be fond of the jerky - though that may be because it’s the most available non-chest food when the haulers can’t keep up.)

It used to be that a trapper could with the help of berry bushes keep your villagers fed up to around 13-14 Hearthlings allowing you to delay promoting a worker to farmer in the beginning. With the updates since alpha 15 the trapper has a noticeably smaller chance to get jerky.

I agree.

good to know. thx for the replies. it’s okay it got nerfed, i just didn’t know and that caused some problems.
yeah i use the cookmod. i like the diversity in animals and tons of different foods.

@8bit: i was referring to alpha 16 (don’t ask what build) when i, as usual, started with the trapper knife and he brought enough food to feed my 7 people - not enough to get another peep to join my small town, but didn’t ran in any problems. now he brings maybe 1 jerky per day. he is not level 3 yet, so chance for some nice roast may improve with time.