[Con] Trapper inventory space

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or some a.i. the will be added in the future.

But here are my findings
The trapper can pick up more than the four bag spaces it has. But when directed to empty out the bags it only puts down four items in the process deleting the other items.

I know that it’s my own fault but shouldn’t the trapper refuse to pick up any items that exceed the given bag space?

edit: come to think of it, more bag space and a bit more drops from the animals would make the “micromanagement” feel like a more fair trade of than it is now.
And with the drops from animals i mean the meat, i think the pelt and wool should stay low.


Yer I’ve just tried this and your trapper just keeps picking items up, but anything over the 4 item threshold just gets picked up and disappears.

good catch!

yeah, these are all very simple balance things that can be adjusted as we have more time to play with the new classes… a very micro part of my brain wants separate storage for meat/vs. pelts, as i wouldnt want the innards of an animal staining the lovely pelt i procured… but i can adapt… :smile:


+1 but now I must maintain 20 characters rule

trapper should be able to make their own bedroll out of bunny hides. so they use it when they are out and about instead of going back to camp to sleep. they should also eat the rabbit jerky they pickup when they get hungry; instead of going back to camp to eat; they eat what they have on them.
2 meals and 2 rabbit pelts and the bag is full? those are darn big runny babbits.
side note the berry counter still doesn’t go down when food is consumed don’t know about the meat counter as i always wind up with a CTD with the trapper trapping before someone eats the jerky.

I was able to bring a two sheep back to camp and neither the wool nor the meat was marked in the counter. it was as if nothing was placed into the stockpile. game CTD before anyone got hungry to try the jerky

Unless they changed the system, and I don’t believe they have, your trappers shouldn’t be going back to camp to sleep, they should just sleep on the floor if no beds are around. I agree it would be cool to have a bedroll or something so that perhaps the debuff you get from sleeping on the floor was reduced, but I don’t think that’s what you were suggesting?

agreed… i think that may have been what he was suggesting? either way, i want it… :smile:

Them darn trapper still have a tendency to pick up items while their bags are full. I don’t know if this is a bug or they are just little greedy buggers :stuck_out_tongue:

But jokes aside they will pick up more than 4 items but the extra items they pick up are lost.

hey there @AeonsyMC … you know the drill… :wink:

(even though its overly obvious in this case) if you can, flesh this out with some specific steps to repro…

thanks! :smiley:

This one’s pretty simple to reproduce. Simply command the Trapper to hold more than the laws of Stonehearth allow them! All extra items get voided.

bug still active ^^ x256