[r293] Trapper dropping inventory on sleep - can only collect single items on wake

Summary: I haven’t caught this one in action, but I’ve found many piles of meat/fur scattered around the map. What I THINK is happening is that the trapper falls asleep at night, drops everything he’s carrying, and doesn’t pick all of it up in the morning. He’ll return with villagers and they will collect one item at a time, wasting their time with the long trek out to the trapping grounds.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Assign trapper to trapping zones far away
  2. Don’t make beds
    (3. Observe trapper to see when they drop their goods)

Expected result: Trapper will sleep and collect everything in one go on waking, then drop it all off in the stockpile.

Actual results:

This BS… everywhere!

As I haven’t observed what causes this to happen, other possibilities are:

  1. Lack of trapper space
  2. Trapper stopping to eat
  3. Trapper being distracted by “Chop Wood” commands

Version r293

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I’ve been noticing this for a while, and honestly I think it has to do with your first Note. I’ve noticed the trapper will drop a few things off, and leave the rest behind. If that’s not the case, then he’s on’y taking half of his load and leaving the rest.

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Hmmm it might be related to my large trapper zones then. That would make sense as he’s tending 3-4 traps in each zone.

I’ll see if I can catch it next time I play. There should still be some kind of mechanic where the trapper can pick up multiple furs and jerkies in one go

if you use 10x10 areas, they’ll take everything in one go.

If you use 16x16 areas, they’ll take about half.

If you use 32x32 areas, they barely take anything.

At least this is what I’ve found.


sorry if i misread what you said, but currently the trapper does pick up multiple things, and as he/she levels they will gain a bigger back pack.

By “pick up” I meant off the ground - Trappers obviously ‘harvest’ a lot of meat/fur from traps into their pack, but in this case when they drop these items, they can’t put them back into the pack but rather pick them up and carry them to the stockpile

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