Trapper AI Problems

With the latest alpha, every hearthling got a backpack. This is causing some problems for the AI on Trappers, who already had a backpack.

In the specific example I just noted in a game, the trapper had a full backpack but went out to check his traps. Every time he checked a trap and it had something in it, he’d pick up one item with his hands and carried it back to the stockpile. He’d then go out and do the same thing again.

There are a few problems here:

  1. Trappers don’t clear their backpack before they go checking their traps. Sometimes they’ll have stuff in their backpack from activities undertaken in between checking traps. Because of the other issues, if the trapper puts something important into their backpack, you won’t be seeing it again before they finish their entire trapping routine (unless you disable the trapping grounds).
  2. Trappers will pick up everything they can while checking traps, to the stage their hands are full and they can’t check traps anymore.
  3. If a trappers backpack is full and their hands are full, they’ll make a trip to the stockpile, but will only empty their hands into the stockpile. The rest of their backpack is not emptied.

Are you talking about latest or about r2494?

I guess this applies for both, since backpacks were from before.

Thanks for the list of problems, this will help to examine their AI :smile:


I’m on develop-2513. I only just noticed this today, but I don’t doubt its been doing this since the start of alpha 11. It’s the first time I’ve really had time to give the game a good poke for a while.