Trapper is not always collecting loot from trapping grounds

Trapper is not always collecting his loot. After some time many untouched loot is inside the trapping ground.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start in a forest map with the trapper knife
  2. Make some trapping grounds
    -> the traps are set, animals are traps but foot and pelt is not collected by trapper

Expected Results:
Trapper should collect all his stuff. no need for additional player interaction.

Actual Results:
foot and pelt has manually collected with the “loot” tool (shift+l)

Looks like this happens if the trapper has a full backpack, But i saw situations were the trapper wasn’t collect anything with an empty backpack. Something here is strange


Version Number and Mods in use:
develop 2867

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I thought this only happens when there is no room in any stockpiles, two builds ago Hearthlings would eventually run and pick up the objects as soon as more room is created for storing these things and there is nothing to haul closer to the stockpiles. But I’ll try this today by placing an empty container next to the trapping area … but until now I’ve never needed to mark littered trapper things for looting :confused:

There was an issue previously where the “bonus” items a trapper can get after reaching a certain level were not retrieved without being looted, but I thought @yshan fixed it…


and placing a crate next to the trapping area works for the mess he creates :smiley: (because haulers haul nearest object to a stockpile first …)
I think the trapper needs a bigger backbag :slightly_smiling:

Dunno if it’s actually true, but I’ve noticed that if you make too large trapping grounds, the poor trapper(s) get overwhelmed by the bounty as trappers seem to priortize… uh… harvest before hauling the items, so they leave the stuff behind as they move from trap to trap.
I made a small 10x10 trapping grounds to replace one huge (40x40 I t hink) for one trapper and he seems to haul back atleast most of the jerky and hides where as with the huge one he was more focused in turning the grounds into aftermath of a slaughterfest >.>

Perhaps smaller critters would start avoiding places with hides and jerky littering about and instead, it’d start attracting bigger ones… Like wolves, monsters or even bears if Stonehearth gonna get those.


I realy like this idea! Great suggestion :slight_smile:

I do but don’t have this. The trapper won’t take the extra items, but other hearthlings will eventually come along and take them. I’m running the latest development.

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Actually, this happens to me too instead of trapper hauling their bounties. I just watched my trapper work in the small zone. Since the trapping zone was near enough for other hearthlings, they tend to haul those products quite often.

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