Worker's don't take loot from trapper's work

First of all, hello guys. I’m a new member to stonehearth community, and i enjoy the idea and game very much so far.

The problem is, there are some bugs that prohibits me from playing a normal game.

The first, and most important one is my workers not collecting the loot created by trapper, that is rabbit jerks, pelt’s, and so on. Doesn’t matter if i have it marked as “loot” from the combat menu or don’t, they just don’t seem to bother. Also, i have to add that my stockpile isn’t full for sure, i checked that.

Thank you for any assistance.

Cheers :slightly_smiling:

PS Oh, and forgot to add, the game’s version is dev 2820. Attaching screenshot.

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Thought that was the trappers job. It isn’t really loot from traper, more like work for the trapper and what that class does.

At least if I am getting the idea correct. Now if your trapper isn’t collecting what he/she harvests that is a different matter.

didn’t really have to mark it as loot unless it was a mob drop.

something does look a little off though. Just can’t place my finger on it. hmm…

Tamorr, thank you for the reply. Maybe that’s the case. I have to add that all workers can be iddle, but sthis nobody bothers about these stuff. ;(

Actually, i have to say sorry that the bug seems to have resolved after adding a stockpile for these stuff on the lower level. Now the workers move the stuff both to the crates (higher level), and to this stockpile. Seems the issue is gone.

Another update: Nah, the issue is still here. They came just once for the stuff localized at one area, and now they’re being lazy by the fire again :frowning:

I really aught to mess with the trapper more… ><

I haven’t a clue why then… So workers do pick up. Probably because they were marked with loot. Usually though in what I experienced myself with trapper, the trapper gathers at each point and then delivers. Doesn’t usually leave stuff on the ground like that.

Well what I saw in the A13 version, which is the last version I used a trapper. Been playing RC mainly on the A14 updates, and don’t usually go with that knife.

Maybe that is what looks odd to me. The fact the trapper is not actually gathering like it should. They have the best backpack space due to this.

What is suppose to happen is they go up to trap gathering the contents; putting it in their pack, and then delivering it to stockpile every so often. At least from what I remember. Maybe someone else knows more specifically, as I have little experience with that class in this particular version.

So it might be a bug or over sight… unsure, but there is definitely something not going right.

One note though that was mentioned before by someone here is that it is best to have the trapping area away from where hearthlings would constantly be moving through.

So the trapper just left those laying about? Not seen that since before A13 (latest one), more specifically the A12 build. I thought they changed it so trapper would put in pack. Guess we’ll have to wait for someone a bit more knowledgeable on the topic. Good info though, as that might help with a few things, I think. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for a long reply. So your guess is that it’s a trapper’s problem. To find out, I will remove all but one trapper’s area, and check whether he’ll be stocking the items.

Update: Unfortunately, after leaving him with only one area of snaring animals, he goes to idle state, and doesn’t restock items.

To confirm the issue:

Hey there @matax, just wanted to pop in and say welcome to the Discourse! I saw @yshan mention in another thread that there was an issue with wool not being picked up by workers due to a shepherd perk, I am wondering if there might be a similar issue here…


So are workers allowed to pick it up if it doesn’t have “Loot” on it?

I am using Alpha 14 Dev 2820 Build.
I’m using the cheapest Alienware Alpha Console on 55 inch emerson tv with Windows 10.

However thought my trapper does take the pelt, but the trapper nor workers will loot the meat! Also appears if you ask them to loot to far from the village they won’t.
(Not using any mods)

Here’s a screenshot

Here’s the .log file if you need that, have 3 saves so I don’t know how that’ll affect it.
stonehearth.log (100.8 KB)

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Have you tried making a stockpile/chest for only loot?

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Thanks for the log. First, in regards to the 3 saves, the log file is “volatile” and wiped every time you start the game. So in the case of the log you uploaded, I only see one save.

Now, in regards to the trapper, there are a number of repeated logs that seem to be related to the trapper, but I am unfortunately unsure of what they mean. As it appears to be task group related, going to ping @Ponder to see this.

mod | [] could not find tuning data for activity "stonehearth:trapping:survey_trapping_grounds" in task group "stonehearth:task_group:trapping".
mod | [] could not find tuning data for activity "stonehearth:trapping:check_bait_trap" in task group "stonehearth:task_group:trapping".

Hey Retro_Gamer. Yes, I’ve tried that, and unfortunately it doesn’t work either!

i had the same issue in one of my games. it seems to be that the trapper has too many traps to work on and doesn’t pick up the items.

i found that the other hearthlings will eventually pick it up if there is nothing else going on.

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Hey there @pickleped, welcome to the Discourse! Thanks for the confirmation!