Workers do

My worker don’t do what i tell them to
Steps to reproduce:

  1. I want to destroy a house, but nothing
  2. I need to mine some dirt but…nothing

Expected Results:
I expect my worker to do all things like mining or building…colleting and putting things into the storages
Actual Results:
But(for and unknown reason) they just go and grab the leathers and meat left by the trapper(cause there’re too many animals for just one man)…I could just think that they will do those things after colleting the leathers but no…if there is nothing they stay still until more appear…
Notes: They are so useless and make angry…this is so annoying, and it doesn’t even seem a bug cause they “work” but just on something I am no interested in…and also all the other classes of villagers do this, but if I ask them to create a sword, a chair or a stone gate they go and do that…the “workers” no…so? What is this?
nothing needed here
Version Number and Mods in use:
no mods
System Information:

A good idea for you would be to go grab the save file for the game, upload it, and link it here. That way we can see what is going on. I’m not quite sure how to upload the save file, maybe @8BitCrab can help…

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hey there @rexos, welcome to the discourse :smile:

save file is definitely a good idea,

assuming you’re playing on steam, to find the save go to this file path

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games

if you dont know which save is the newest one, you can check the screenshot inside the save folder, then zip the individual save’s folder (not the entire saved_games folder) and then upload it directly to the discourse either by using the upload button , or by dragging and dropping the .zip file.

i’ve also bumped you up to TL1 so you can upload files :slight_smile:

hope that helps/makes sense (9.3 MB)

here it is, I hope you guys can understand what’s going on, cause I just…give up

I’m also having this sort of issue. They don’t pick up ANYTHING anymore. I probably have 200+ bits of just trapper related items to handle. This file also contains the building issues I mentioned in another post. (Link because it’s too big to Upload)

played this, city called Artzoska. Noticed a couple things. Your storage area is big enough but the items laying out side the gates are loot from killing enemy’s. You need to loot them using the looting button. Other then that, they are digging the hole around the gate and moving ores without any issue after changing the villagers available tasks from the citizens screen.

You seem to have ordered allot of workers to only build and not haul items. Seems to me this is most likely the issue and this not being a bug.

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@maevyn for you it appears a bit the same, with ordering what the villagers can and cannot do like if they are allowed to build, haul or doing there job. Other then that they are very busy, of the 25 people only 1 idle between some trees and he seemed stuck. All others were restocking. This will take a while even with 25 villagers.

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I wish I had an explanation for you. :crying_cat_face: I watched them sit there not even moving for at least 5 to 10 minutes, even with all of that stuff sitting on the ground. The clay bricks on the ground have been there before I started getting the building issues.

I thank you for looking, however. :slight_smile:

Well, if you see my villagers moving around and doing things…or that was not my file or there’s something wrong with my pc, cause I told them to loot things but they just won’t do it, and more important i don’t care about the outside materials.
See, my problem are not the items, but the moat around the walls and the 2 houses i wanted to take down. You say they were digging the hole…how is that possible?, when I play they just grab the trapper’s loot and nothing more.
But it was like this when you first open the file or did you change anything in the menu?

In my game (A15 final) several items won’t get placed unless I save and reload, then they’re placing it instantly. It affects weaver workshops as well as stone chests or comfy beds. Anyone else encountered this?


I have experienced this. It seems like they do not want to place items that are in a storage container. I have started playing with the storage containers set to none as the default and then selecting every thing but constructed items. this has fixed (workaround) this issue for me. However I still occasionally find one of the crafters (the cook being the most guilty) placing his cooking pot and grinder in a chest. this may be cause workstations are considered tools.

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@rexos yes they did dig the hole around the gate. Did not change anything. Right of the bat after downloading. But seeing only one villager went digging i checked and noticed almost all of your workers were not allowed to haul or mine. When i checked those boxes in the citizen screen again they started running like crazy.

Must say i did not see any buildings being torn down, did not play that save very long. Personally i dont have allot of good experience with breaking down already build buildings.

Have you try’ed reinstalling the game and then put the savegame back in and play it? Do keep in mind to also save any pre-builds you made. They will be in de saved objects map. There is a change it will be removed after reinstalling the game. Just copy the map and store somewhere else for a short time.

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@geokhan Do you have a save file in whitch this happens? Could be helpfull in seeing what the issue is. Personally i have not had this issue.

Are you by any change able to sell the items you can’t place when they are in a chest to a merchant? If not that could be the problem, as in a bug. In any case i think it would be helpfull to open a different bug topic about it, so the devs can look in to it.

I’ve experienced this with doors, windows and wooden lanterns too. A quick save/load seems to fix it.

Here is one of the saves where I had that issues. I am able to sell the items and if I set the container to none they would most times place it, if they didn’t put in another container. But on a reload they immediately place the items, so some times I would place several items and then just reload to have them placed.

1458172603166.7z (8.0 MB)

Mods used.

After some experimentations. I think it may be a priority and distance issue. I read one of the post that explained that there are zones and thoughts and objects (ping?) nearby hearthlings to see if they can do the job and it becomes a thought. The issue does not become apparent until after my town begins to sprawl out and the number of placed object has increased so covering many zones. I was curious when several hearthlings were sitting around the camp fire with 3 or 4 objects that I wanted to place just sitting in containers. After waiting there about 10-15 minutes finally one of the workers that had been off mining finally started to place the items. He was on the way to the mines and closest to the chest when I was placing the items and then finally got around to it. So reloading I think causes it to (re-ping?) the hearthlings.

So another part of it my be my impatience when I really want them to place a workstation now so I can start crafting, but one of the hearthling says “I will get to it later when I have time” and the others say ok.

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Hey there @rexos! Like @Doc_Brano, they did start mining the moat shortly after I loaded the save. As for the house removal, hearthlings remove buildings from top down, and right now they have no way of reaching the top part of the roof. If you were to build a ladder or two to the floating roof section, they should continue removing the house.

That being said, the pathfinder seems to be working really hard in that save, and I am not sure why. @Ponder might want to take a look at this one…