[R864] [Trapper] Items from harvested critters occasionally have to be manually looted

After letting a trapper do their job, I noticed that a bunch of resources were still lying around near the trap zone. After moving my mouse over it, I noticed they were having an orange outline, meaning they didn’t belong to me. I always have to look back to the trap zone to make sure everything is marked for looting from now on as this is the only way to collect them.


  • The save file given below is from the previous beta build
  • More mods were active than I can possibly list here, though they didn’t interfere with the trapper in the previous build

Save File:
trapperloot.rar (4.9 MB)

I have just noticed the same thing. I found the animal trapping grounds full of neutral jerky. I looted them and kept an eye on the trapper. Next time she killed an animal i checked the jerkys. All but one were white. The last one is orange and needs to be looted. skins were all white.


Mods: Autoharvest, Jomarxo’s Doorways, Rivers.

Save: 1529710722636.rar (5.0 MB)

Have Fun, Kyth.

Edit: Later on I also found some neutral skins.

I noticed something similar. I’ve been looking at the trapper closely (I’m working on a trapper mod) and noticed that the amount of resources per animal is also absurdly increased/high in comparison to what it was before. As an example, a single rabbit gave me like 3 pelts and 4 jerkies earlier (and the trapper still didn’t have the skill that improves resource amounts)

I tried taking a look at things to see if I could find out the issue and noticed that maybe many animals had their files changed? I’m not sure if they were actually changed but I don’t quite remember all of them having basically 3 parts where they describe the same animal loot (harvest node, loot tables and beast harvest node) + some of them also have a loot_bag separate file.

I’m unsure if something was changed but if “feels” like animals are dropping loot multiple times due to the different instances where their loot is logged due to different uses for each instance… but maybe the loot system could be refactored in a way that a single component lists that animal’s loot and different components just call to that one?

i.e: right now the rabbit.json file lists their loot, pelt and jerky, basically 3 times - in the same file.

Thanks for the report. We’ll take a look. And yes, a bunch of trapper code was changed in the last release as it’s the main food source for the Northern Alliance, which might have affected the behavior for other kingdoms as well.


I see

I guess I’ll halt my mod until those issues are looked at, then :3 and start working on other ideas :smile:

One other thing I noticed is that Trappers like to sit around the fire a lot now when not checking on their traps, instead of doing hauling and building jobs that are assigned to them.

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