Trapper Drops Issue


There has been a running issue of some trapper items having the Loot button and some not, and I’ve also been noticing that trapper drops have been very… bountiful lately. I think I found the issue, should (maybe) be a simple fix - I hope there is time for it?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use a trapper
  2. Trap an animal that has the "stonehearth:harvest_beast_loot_table" entity data
  3. Trap an animal that doesn’t have it (might need to tweak files to allow it)

Expected Results:
Normal drops from all animals, maybe no drops for animals that are not meant to be trapped

Actual Results:
Animals that have both the "stonehearth:harvest_beast_loot_table" data and the "stonehearth:loot_drops" component will drop things two times, one from each. Intended behavior - I’d say - is for them to only drop the harvest table.

I have been noticing trapper items having the loot button for a while (some do, some don’t) and also that animals seem to drop a lot of stuff. I’ve seen a rabbit drop like 4-5 jerky and 3 pelts for a level 1 trapper. That felt a bit odd. Further investigation by trapping animals that doesn’t have the harvest loot tables (like duckduck and ostrich) shows that they only drop their normal “on killed” drops, with the loot buttons. That probably means that animals that have both (trappable animals) are dropping their loot twice per catch.

A possible fix would be to make the trap destroy the entity instead of killing it, that way they won’t generate their death drops.


Some have rolls between 0 and 1, so there would be cases when harvesting a trap wouldn’t drop any item either.
Having both the loot drops and the harvest_beast_loot_table makes it more likely to get items.

According to the code, it’d be at most 2 jerky and 2 pelt for a lvl 1 trapper :thinking:
Were you using any mods?


Ahh, I see. So this is intended :open_mouth:

Yes, I was using a couple of mods but not entirely sure if any of them changed something regarding the trapper.
I might probably be mistaken, however.


What you say makes sense, in some cases with high level trapper there will be many drops due to this, but changing the gameplay balancing at this point might be risky.



I mean – I think the current balance is good; it gets a bit wonky when dealing with larger animals (that are not trappable by default) i.e: Deer, the harvest table is big and the loot table is big, so they end up with huge drops.

But, then again, they are not trappable by default and were not balanced to be so - in which case it makes sense that they’re unbalanced - but if one is modding that, they might as well tweak the balancing too.

Just thought I should report since I was not sure if it was intended to have both drops (especially since the loot bag drop comes with the loot icons that intrigues some people every now and then :joy:) but if it is intended, then all is good :merry: