[BUG] Trapper doesn't work on Experimental Speed (4)

The Trapper class doesn’t work properly if you use the experimental speed (4). Yes, I know it is not activated by default exactly because it might be unstable for performance reasons ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I think it is worth reporting anyway because it doesn’t seem to be a performance issue in this case (performance has always been fine for me on speed 4 anyway); The trapper itself works fine, they set their traps and collect them, etc… But the traps themselves seem to bug out: animals spawn, stand still for a second and disappear without heading to the trap and being trapped (or failing the trapping) like they usually do. I asked for a friend to test and she obtained the same results.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new game, start with a trapper knife.
  2. Promote a trapper and make some trapping zones.
  3. Put on speed 4 and just watch as animals occasionally appear and disappear.

Expected Results:
Animals approach traps and get caught or manage to escape, providing the trapper with its resources (pelts, jerky, etc.)

Actual Results:
Animals spawn and disappear without moving; no animals are ever trapped.

Left the game running under these conditions for a while on Peaceful, came back to zero furs and jerkies.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest Beta release (r862); tested with no mods at all.

I can’t repro it for specific speeds, but a related trapping bug is fixed in the next release, so please let us know if you still see it after that release is pushed.

@DaniAngione, is this still happening for you?

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I’m sorry, I haven’t tested it yet :frowning: been busy with the world cup some work :blush:

I’ll try it out now and will respond in a minute!

@Relyss confirmed it works now! Tested without any mods and with my trapper mod I’ve been working on.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

On a side note, the seemingly larger drops are still happening - might be my impression, but I don’t remember animals sometimes giving 3~4 units of jerky or 2~3 units of pelts from a single catch. Might as well be just luck, though… Is it normal?

If so, then everything is alright and I could probably resume working on my mod :slight_smile:

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Yeah, we’re still tweaking trapper/shepherd drop rates.

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Ah, I see :slight_smile:

Well, I won’t fiddle with the drop rates so I guess that won’t be a problem to me, just wanted to check if it was an issue.

At any rate, if I could offer some input, I’d personally prefer if some things were constant - like a pelt from small animals and maybe a couple from larger animals - while others could vary a bit, like the meat.

Keep up the great work! <3

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There are job perks that increase the amount of drops, but we’re still balancing the rates, as Max said.

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