[NaB] Animals disapear when they're not caught

To see it, you just have to watch the traps and wait for an animal to come see the trap and if he isn’t caught he will disapeared after few seconds.

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How long are you waiting? I ask because this is working as intended last I checked - trappers that don’t get to the traps in time will lose whatever they caught, but if it really is after just a “few seconds” then something sounds a little wrong.

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Maybe I didn’t explain well. I wanted to say that when an animal goes to a trap and aren’t caught by the trap after few seconds the animal will disapear.

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Funny thing, actually. I experienced a bug like this before.

In the Alpha 2 release, I think. It was the Alpha release where the Trapper Class was introduced. Anyways, whenever I caught a rabbit, it, and I then proceeded to do something else, and come back to where the rabbit was caught, and the rabbit, as well as the cage, would disappear.

I guess I didn’t realize this was a bug… just assumed that the creature spawns for that particular trap, and on a failure it disappears “off into the woods”.


This is intended behavior. The critters come out of hiding, check out the bait, run away if not caught, and then go back into hiding. The exception is for critters that were placed on the map at world generation time. These critters will roam indefinitely if not caught.


Okay thanks for the explanation. It’s why there is always at less a critter next to the trap zone.

Just in case anyone wanted to see this in action…

3:30 bunny rabbit appears, very excited about the trap. 3:43 bunny rabbit way too smart for trap mechanism, lives to fight another day! 3:51 bunny rabbit go bye-bye.

Are there plans for proper implementation of ecology, perhaps something like simple Lotka–Volterra-like dynamics, in future development? I guess a kind of abstraction of “in hiding”, as described above, is fine, but I would prefer (as I always do, computational limits notwithstanding) proper simulation. I assume such a thing would be quite low priority—especially for the time being with major features left unimplemented—but in the long term?

Actually, I very much want to do a predator-prey simulation in stonehearth. We do have more features planned for the traps, but as you said, they’re all low priority compared to the major game systems that have yet to be implemented. In the end, it will all depend on the direction the game takes and what you guys say is fun. Keep up with the great feedback! Love it!


Awesome! I know it sounds silly, but those are the sorts of things I most look forward to. I hope you’ll be able to get to this predator–prey simulation (and remove the abstraction of spawning in and deleting animals just for trapping purposes) some day. If you implement heritable characteristics (run speed, stamina, perhaps perception…), you might even get some basic evolutionary dynamics for free :smiley:

And now I want to see this in DF :laughing: . BRB, force-breeding super-soldiers for !FUN! :smiley:

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