Alpha 10 Trapper bug

Trapper consistently forgets about traps. (Placed a total of 62x62 area to trap in, and he hasn’t checked the traps in over 5 in-game days.

As a main food source when the trapper is always restocking, and never trapping, people start to starve. I know I can make a farmer, and I have one, just slow. (Trying to keep away from large farming fields)

I think a way to fix this would make it so they idle while they wait for traps to spring, and if a trap springs, it will then go grab it and set-up another trap.

Screenshot by Lightshot this is the trappers area, and showing the trapper is now sitting idle while there are a bunch of traps ready to be harvested

Way to fix it, in game: Remove the trapping area and place it again (You will lose all captures though)

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