[Dev 2630] [Omission?] No Animal Feed for Fox Pets

This one’s odd, since it’s not a bug, in the sense that something is malfunctioning, and it’s not a suggestion, in that this is a game mechanic omission, not a feature I think would be considered optional. So, I’ll let Radiant decide. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I was playing away and realized that the Trapper had befriended a fox, who was now badly starving. I realized why, but only because I’ve been playing Stonehearth a while and just happened to witness Foxes grabbing meat from stockpiles in the past whenever they were hungry.

In my current game, I’ve filtered all my food into crates, so there’s none sitting in my stockpile for the poor fella to grab. But when I click on the fox, no flavor text I could find informs me how to fix the little dude’s hunger pains. Also, the animal feed options in the Cook’s workbench don’t cover foxes, so no help there either.

New players will not be able to solve this problem themselves without either looking it up online, or getting lucky and realizing they need meat and to pull some out of their crates.

@sdee, just a quick heads up.


they eat the jerky meat :smiley:

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Oh I know that, but new players won’t and there’s no place in-game for them to find this out.

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hmm… now this is a strange thing, not a bug, yet not really a suggestion… i think it fits better under suggestions…

also going to page @yshan and @Albert for you.


perhaps in the “description” for the fox it should say that they require jerky…

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Okay cool. I’ll re-categorize.
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Okay cool. I’ll re-categorize.

Hm, good find. Looks like our new crate code left our animal friends out in the cold (to starve).