Trappers no longer generating Jerky

When creating a new game, I have almost always selected a trapper’s knife as the starting tool, spending all 150 starting coins. The trappers knife was able to generate enough food to maintain a small village while tilling farmland. Trappers are now only generating pelts/furs/hides and are no longer generating jerky to feed the hearthlings, bug or intended?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new game and select trappers knife to purchase before start
  2. Convert a hearthling to a trapper and lay down zones (I usually lay down many 10x10 zones)
  3. Speed up game and watch.

Expected Results:
Trappers used to generate pelts/hides as well as jerky from each full trap cleared. Expected same results

Actual Results:
Only receive pelts/hides from trappers, no jerky.


Version Number and Mods in use:
develop-2998 (x64)

After clearing 20-30 traps, 1 jerky was finally generated. Many of the traps that contain animals did not provide any resources at all. Out of all of the traps that were cleared and resources received, the resources on hand are now:

1 Jerky (which was immediately eaten)
3 Rabbit Pelt
1 Racoon Pelt
5 Fox Pelt
4 Squirrel Pelt

Low level trappers never produced too much stuff, I feel. Only when they get the new skill to gather extra resources, they become a real asset. I have always taken the trapper knife but I also always harvested berries.

I’ve always only taken it because everything else was more achievable early-game. And yeah, I feel that the trappers are more meant to collect hides than to produce meat early on. I went with the knife and then instantly got some farms up and running for my villages.

hmm… i do know that trappers were nerfed awhile back, but i’m not sure if they’re supposed to be mostly producing pelts… paging @yshan

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From what I seen they do produce fewer jerky than they used too and with the drop being random I have gone for periods where none drop. a few things to consider, Passing Hearthlings and critters seem to always go for the jerky and once the cook gets up and running they can deplete your jerky reserve faster than a trapper will gather it.

edited: Also on hard mode I have to promote Soldiers and Craftsman quickly leaving few workers. The trapper then tends to chop trees and haul things taking away from the time they could be catching animals.

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