[9.256] Topic changed: not zombie-worker, but Hearthlings not using doors bug...again

I found a bug that breaks my game.

Played not long, first night … built a house, not finished yet, set the furniture into the allready built structures and I allways see the “ghost”-models of where I placed the furniture, although I´m not in buildmode.
I enter buildmode, exit buildmode but still see the ghost-models.
I click into the world and the build-menu opens, I click at a worker and the world-Inventory opens, my worker are stuck and do nothing but poking their noses and starving.

Loading/Saving doesn´t change a thing.

It might be connected to:
a) building furniture inside ongoing contructionsides
b) having one bed (i.e.) in storage, but building 10 places for them (game is paused)



Edith says:
I was Alt+Tabbing alot… that might have broken something too???

Oops, looks like the zombie bug is back again…

I did some testing with this corrupted save:

  • when I click at the unfinished floor or walls, the buildmenu opens notclosable (missing X to close), I have to “open” the buildmenu via the menu on the buttom to close it.
  • when I delete some floor in my house, the idle workers will rush to delete the floor, picking up some wood and move it to the storage, now they (who deleted some floor) are not idle anymore
    (they who didn´t work on deleting the floor I said are idle and starving happily everafter)
  • reloading the game didn´t change the idle status
  • rebooting the machine didn´t change the idle status
  • after third time reloading, the menu totally disappeared, hitting ESC did not bring up the menu, I had to alt+f4
    …going to do some more testing now…

test-result later:
(morphed to one post to not do multiposting bad boy Bassti…)

It´s not the zombie-bug!

They are idle because they do not find their way through the (open) door!?!?!?

Steps I reproduced:

  • remove some floor to get wood into the house (my workers have a lot of wood in the mornings!)
  • build ladders from inside the house to move them up the wall, they were not going to build the ladders untill I told them to move a bed … they did and then started to build the angry-clicked 10 ladders ^^
  • now they are moving inside and outside the house using the ladders I build


Door used: two wooden doors in close range, see screenshot in first post

Edit Nr. 25.497:
the savegame is still saved, if you are interested in looking into it…

Edit again:
maybe the scaffolding blocks the entry/exit???
The doors open and close if a hearthling is close, but they will not go through… if I delete the ladders the workers inside are stuck…

maybe you can add a symbol for stuck hearthlings, so the player can see, ooops, “my littleone has a problem…”

I was also having some trouble placing objects in rooms - and the following helped me. Perhaps you can try this on your save that is causing issues:

Select the door to the building
Open the console
Use “kill” to destroy the highlighted unit (in the case the door)

I was able to resolve the issues in a few cases once the door was destroyed. When it did not, I selected the ghost bed and used the kill command to remove it. I could then try again with success.

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By the look of your screenshot, seems the hearthlings got trapped inside the house because the scaffolding is blocking the exit.

But this bug from long ago, I think at some point they allowed the hearthlings to go through scaffolding to avoid this situation… :disappointed_relieved:

Edit: linking this here to not forget the reports are related: