Placing doors in walls

Could u please make it so that you can place doors and windows in walls that are not part of a building so we can actually use the mine door and make more beautiful houses with multiple columns in one wall

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You can already do that, you just have to make your wall manually instead of using the “Add wall” tool.
And then you can build in mine and add the mine door as well.

Actually u can now just place doors on the ground and windows, just make the item, then go to your item selection tab and place it like any item. (like lights and furniture)


One problem I ran into, at least a couple builds ago, was that I could only place windows so that the open back side of it was against blocks and so useless as a window, instead of on/in a hole for a window. So I had to design another “building” just of slabs behind the window, switch into the furniture placing mode to attach my window to the “building”, and then erase the rest of that “building” before hitting “Build!” just so that they’d place the windows in the right place.


thx for the responses but it doesnt work for me i think it s a bug