Removing individual blocks from built structures

Is it at all possible to remove blocks from a structure that has already been built?

Currently, I have a wall with supporting turrets and I carved an opening at the bottom for the allowance of a ladder to the top, however, like a div, I built the door as 2x2 rather than 3x2. I’ve only just noticed after completing the structure.

Is there any way at all to remove some blocks, or do I need to go through the intense pain of deconstructing and reconstructing an entire wall?

The structure:

The offending party:

Unfortunately, no. The devs originally wanted to add that feature, but they decided not to when they “finished” the game.

Actually its more then that, they did try to add it, but it wasnt working out with the building system, as it cuase too much havok on the building, they didn’t just give up on it, the system didnt take it very well cuase too much lag and preformance issue not to talk about the bugs it cuased. So no they didnt just decide not to when they “finished” then game

tip for the original poster, its best just to make your template, then save it replace it and then build another template over it if your want to add stuff or take stuff away that way they fit together like lego pieces, not hard to do, I do it all the time, and easy to do, then you can just build them in section and it makes it easy on the AI anyways.

If your want to like add doors and stuff after the fact you will have to destroy the build and rebuild it with the doors or holes added


Well to be fair they did get the landmark system in… Which could easily translate a building to blocks :’)