Several Bugs (Corrupt games, item relocation issues, goblins in ground)

I am loving this game so far! I’ve been playing for about ten hours and I’m absolutely addicted. I have been experiencing several bugs repeatedly, however.

  • When attempting to save, an error pops up that says “saving,” the game closes, and the saved game is deleted.

  • The game often starts to lag. I tried saving and relaunching the game but my save file gets corrupt. It says the error “id” and closes the game.

  • Goblins spawn in the ground near my village. When the footman patrols, he continues to attack these and there’s no way to stop this.

  • Sometimes when houses are built, blocks of wood are left on the roof. Building ladders up to the ladders doesn’t make anyone go to collect it.

  • When attempting to place an item, a character often gets glitched and can’t move until someone else comes to relocate the item.

  • When two beds are placed directly next to each other, the second one floats.

  • Very frequently when attempting to move an already-placed item, no one comes to move it and the outline of where I want it to be moved remains.

Not sure if a bug but extremely creepy:

  • Pet raccoons eat raccoon jerky.

Keep up the great work!