Building error - can't build anymore

Hey! :merry:

I’ve just now ran into a weird issue while building. After clicking the build button on one of my buildings, the game freaked out and I now can’t order anything new to be constructed. The ring around the structure stays yellow.

This is the error:

release-908 (x64)[M]

co-routine failed: No matching overload found, candidates: bool are_strictly_connected(lua_State*,Point3 const&,Region3 const&,int) bool are_strictly_connected(lua_State*,Point3 const&,Point3 const&,int)

stack traceback: [C]: in function 'are_strictly_connected' ...ing2/plan/jobs/blueprints_to_building_pieces_job.lua:343: in function 'fn' radiant/controllers/persistent_job.lua:86: in function <radiant/controllers/persistent_job.lua:78> (tail call): ? ...ing2/plan/jobs/blueprints_to_building_pieces_job.lua:302: in function 'find_root_point' ...ing2/plan/jobs/blueprints_to_building_pieces_job.lua:160: in function 'run' stonehearth/lib/persistent_job_sequence.lua:39: in function 'run' radiant/controllers/persistent_job.lua:49: in function <radiant/controllers/persistent_job.lua:47> (tail call): ?

I’ve been working on this town for a long time, I’d rather not lose it or start over :glum:

If you find this worth investigating let me know and I’ll hook you up with the save and my custom mod. I just don’t want it to be publicly accessible :blush:

Red building is the one that freaked out, blue ones are being constructed and seem to be able to get finished.

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The savefile will be super useful, thanks!!

PM sent :3

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I had the same problem as you i just used the ib command to fix it and as such i no longer have the save file but this bug is really annoying.

I can assure you this has been solved :3 The fix is going to be a part of a future update.

Okay thanks!