[Con] [d1665] Doors and ladders graphic bug

First time I’ve ever noticed this: note the two rectangles in front of the door.

No idea what caused it or why they’d appear (there weren’t any zones there, nor units, etc). Looks rather like overlapping textures IMHO.


If you manage to click on the graphical glitch you find out its actually the top of a ladder, which is kinda wierd.


I agree, that looks like a ladder. Ladders can be built through some objects, so I don’t know what happened to it to be buried down that way.

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I can also confirm this, seems to happen with every building i make.

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I’ve found the same:

I have found a bug where sub-surface ladders are not removed.

See below the highlighted ladder under the door.

Yeah, ladders are kind of buggy sometimes.

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I kinda like this bug though, as it indicates where the door is when the walls are shown in ‘cutaway’, so I know where to place indoor stockpiles or throw rugs. :smile:

If one worker starts building the ladder from upstairs and another worker starts building the same ladder from the bottom, the ladder will remain unfinished.

And those goods on the full ladder have been stolen and my villagers have hit the goblin when he was on the ladder. They will remain there until I delete the ladder and they fall.

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hey there @viguros, thanks for the report! just curious, can you reproduce this consistently?

@SteveAdamo Yes. :slight_smile:

See my post in this thread; I detail that and a few other ladder bugs.

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it is indeed, thanks!

reports have been merged, and the title here slightly tweaked… :+1:

Bumping as I can confirm it’s still in release 1658.

(Apologies for the low quality SS, forgot to take a better one & had to use this :stuck_out_tongue: )

It seems that some of the new terrain ‘coding’ (that will allow us to ‘modify’ it) has been snuck into this release. Somehow, when placing a door, the game is interpreting that you’ll have to build a ladder down from bedrock/lowest map level up to the door without realizing there’s already ground all the way up to the door. That’s why these ladders are showing up :smiley:


I wasn’t sure if this bug had been mentioned yet. I was doing some multi-level building recently, and I noticed this was happening to the manual scaffolding:

Strange gaps were showing up in the ladder. I wasn’t sure why this was happening now, since the last few versions allowed this fine. I then realized that this gap is likely due to workers constructing the ladder from both ends–workers originally could only build them from the base.

What I guess is occurring is a bug in the script, where the building process of one worker confuses the other, signifying their work is done. However, oftentimes this gap won’t be finished by either of the workers.

My apologies if someone else had already mentioned this!

It’s been reported before - see here:

I’m pretty sure your explanation as to what’s going on is correct though :slight_smile: . I find that having the ladders creep up steadily is the best way of making sure they’re done: even if some idiot helpful hand builds from the top down and bugs it, ordering another piece of ladder often leads to a worker filling in the gaps from below in order to build up to the top.

Paging @SteveAdamo for a merger, and I think we can tag both this & the linked thread for the latest version too :slight_smile: .

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Thanks for searching, @Teleros :smile:
I certainly remembered this being reported somewhere.

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A little and sometimes useful workaround :

I remarked (with all the multi-stories building I’m currently working on) that when building ladders not on up to the top but only one step less forces builders to start the ladder from the bottom. It then prevents multiple workers to built the same ladder and thus prevents them from not finishing it.

It does not work though when two ladders are near each other since a worker goes up to start it from the top :-/

Using the latest unstable build, I have still experienced this issue consistently. In this scenario the workers built scaffolding on the outside of the wall and needed a way to get back into town, thus the ladder.

This is slightly related to another issue with building atriums that I enncountered. Not sure if it’s a bug since technically things are working as intended and there’s consistent workarounds. But as you can see, it’s another issue with villagers walling themselves off and needing ladders from the outside for rescue:

To my understanding in the latest build workers can walk through scaffolding through places I left for doors, but I suppose that’s for scaffolding support beams, not the walkway. It seems they’re out of wood to continue raising the scaffolding to the point they can walk under it, so they’re stuck, yet the wall on the interior side is high enough they can’t go down. Interesting considering there’s that window slot in the closer side…

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