Dev 1633 - new bugs

Hello All;

I’m really liking the new features in this steam unstable push, and I realize it’s UNSTABLE… but here are a couple of hiccups I’ve seen so far, and I absolutely love the Trapper’s weighted companion cube icon! I’m not quite sure what it means, but it made me smile when I saw it. Good one, Team Radiant :slight_smile:

  1. Traders are still not working properly when it comes to trading for stuff. I was asked for 2 picket fence gates, made them and was then told I hadn’t made them when the trader came back. Really seems to be when I’m asked for picket fence gates, as I had one ask for something else one time (I don’t remember what) and I recall it working. Somebody made the statement that it happens when they ask for tools and fences, maybe another member can verify.

  2. My workers stopped building a structure and refused to finish building it. I haven’t seen this one since the early days of alpha… I’m sure it was just a glitch, but I wanted to make sure it got out there. I built 2 more structures and they finished those just fine.

  3. Speaking of building… Workers will not place windows in buildings. Doors? No Problem. Move a bed into a room? No Problem. Place a window? Hell no, They’re not doing it. They completely refuse, no matter how many plate of berries you threaten them with…

This is what I’m reporting right now, I’ll edit if I find anything else.