[Con] [r151] Crafting window breaks UI

Have only happen in this latest build, for what it’s worth.

Anyway, I’ve mostly noticed it with the carpenter (either it’s unique to him or it’s down to there simply being many more work orders for him). Adding stuff to the list of things he has to build, and then this happens:

Note the list on the right hand side is gone. You cannot see the [ESC] menu to save etc.

Finally, and as an addendum, scrolling through a list of queued objects doesn’t seem to work any more as I couldn’t see any arrows to scroll with :stuck_out_tongue: .


Can confirm this one.
Added 2 windows, 9 fences… then tried to add one more fence.

Then it threw the error and made it so i couldn’t access the ESC menu.


I’ve had a lot of trouble reproducing this bug, but I have seen it a few times, so any extra details would be really helpful. When you add the 9 fences, do you do it by clicking the saw 9 times, or by adding 9x to the order and clicking the saw once? Do you click really fast?

Basically, the error message says that there’s a race going on between the refresh on the window and the queuing of orders. Races may be exacerbated by different hardware, etc.

Yes, and Yes.

I move pretty quick when i play this game… so accidentally clicked craft at 9x instead of 10x. Quickly went back to add 1 more, hit the craft button… BAM. Error.