[Con] Carpenter Crafts In Odd Numbers

The first time I opened the carpenter’s workbench, I tried to craft 6 beds, but each arrow click increased the number by 2 instead of by 1. I could only get the carpenter to craft odd numbers of items! Closing and re-opening the window fixed the problem, but this could get fairly irritating if it’s common.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. ???

  2. Open carpenter’s workshop.

  3. Click arrows.

  4. Be irritated?

Info: Keep in mind that I have Windows 8, so it may be exclusive to that!

Processor: Intel i7 3630-QM

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 750M

Version: Alpha 4 Release 99 v0.1.0

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Can confirm this as well. Posted this in another (probably unrelated) bug report earlier.

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Reposting from the other thread:

I have definitely seen this too. I think it happens when the workshop updates for the first time after you’ve queued a bunch of things. I still have no idea why this would be, though. T__T. Javascript, you SO WEIRD!

Workaround: you can actually type in the little box with the number. But the cursor is missing! Still, pretend it’s there, click in the box, hit backspace, and enter a number. You can also just close the window and open it again.

Also, welcome back, ManOfRet :slight_smile:


Thanks. Sorry for missing the last stream, hopefully I’ll be there for the next one! I just had a little… cough diversion cough that took me to Europe for a week that I had to handle.

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